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What Do YOU Think?
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dot on my pictures

I recently lost my mother,on Sept 5 2009.I took pictures of her for many years.I have also taken care of her since her heart attack 12 years ago.We have been you could say attached at the hips.I never went anywhere without her.The night she passed was at home at my house where she was for the last 3 months when they released her from the hospital and said she was dying because her heart was very weak. A hospice nurse came to see her 2 times a week and kept telling me it won't be much longer,but she hung on for almost 4 months.Doctors could not believe what kept her going.Anyway the night that she passed i took pictures and i saw this round dot on her window 2 hours after she passed as i could not let her leave until i was sure she was gone.I have a very hard time with death.I took many pictures that night and then after i saw the one dot i went back through my pictures and i found more,but not in all of my pictures.The day of her committal service I took more pictures and there were 3 dots coming from her casket after it was placed into the ground but before the lid was put on.After the lid was on there was one more.i have since been going to visit her at the grave site and there are more dots on my picture.I wish someone could explain this to me.