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What Do YOU Think?
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Doug Momary and Emmy Jo Peden-The New Zoo Revue from the early 70's

I am glad to know of Doug and Emmy Jo's continued success after New Zoo Revue, I grew up during the time it came on and it was one of my favorite shows. I recently decided to find out what happened to Doug and Emmy Jo after knowing that a friend of mine who helps with her grandchildren rented a video of the New Zoo Revue from a local Library here in El Paso TX

I know what Doug Momary looks like now but what does Emmy Jo look like now? It was said by this page that there was a picture of her on the Laguna Productions web site but I didn't see one and would really like to know what she looks like now, she was a very pretty woman and is old enough to be my mom. Also I found it very interesting to know that she was also born right here in El Paso TX as well!!

I wasn't born here but I did grow up here!!