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A gathering and discussion area for the Hollywood Investigator's (and Weekly Universe's) hugely vast family of readers to gather and discuss the shocking articles in America's favorite family newspapers!!!

What Do YOU Think?
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Scott Peterson needs to die for MURDERING his wife and unborn child. The son of the %$#%@ is a lying #%@^# who need to die now. He thought long enough for his cruel act of his. I will supply the gun and blow his head off.

Re: Murderer

Dear Death Wish,

You obviously are a well educated and articulate member of American society. Having said that, thank God you are not the President of these United States or a dog catcher, for that matter.

You are clearly the poster child of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and you provide incontrovertible proof that certain members of our society should not have access to guns.


Your Nemesis