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What Do YOU Think?
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same as you i've never taken pictures with orbs in them until after my mom passed away, just weeks before my daughters 2nd birthday, i took tons of pictures of the kids playing, then later that night i was looking at them on my camera and i was shocked, in almost every one of them there was an orb, in one picture i have 3-4, one little one, one medium one and a big one, is each orb a spirit its self? or can one spirit make many orbs? i know its my mom, she didnt want to die, she didnt want to leave us, her grandaughter was her world, she wanted to watch her grow up, they always played together, they were buddies

Re: orbs, they do exsist, not only in pictures

My mother,grandmother,brother, grandfather, father, the list goes on and on of departed loved ones that have died over the past 25 years, so I have been seeing orbs in my pictures for years. Way before the digital camera came along. I have always known that they were not just camera lights. One reason is the "orbs" appear around signifigant occasions or events.

My son's friend was over with her 2 year old son. My son took a picture of the child 5 minutes later my dog bit him in the face. I was horrified that my dog did this. When the picture of the boy that was taken, prior to the attack, was shown there was a big orb right on his face where the dog bit him. I believed there was protection for that child and that the dog bite might have been worse.

My sister was getting married to a man that his wife had died just two years pror. When her wedding pictures were developed there were orbs only around him, no one else. I teased might sister that it was his departed wife inviting herself to the wedding.

Another time I was painting a room that was going to house my mother's bedroom funiture after my stepfather had passed. I was stressed out and only had one night to get the room painted before the carpet people would be there. A young boy (whose mother had passed) was helping me. We worked all night and into the morning to get it finished. I took before and after pictures of the room. There were so many orbs in the pictures. I did not know excatly why they were there, but I had prayed that the Lord would help me get that room painted and we did.

Sometimes, often when something is going on in my life I glance up and see many lights with my human eyes. They are never idle but moving almost like dancing. I pretty much just keep the sightings to myself or if I feel it is right I will share with the person I see them around. Especially if I feel they might need the faith to believe in something that is good and a GOD that is GOOD.

I did not realize so many other people share the same experinces.

Re: orbs, they do exsist, not only in pictures

Many orbs in a picture - I hate to tell you is dust or humidity particles. Even wrong settings on a camera can cause this effect. Its great you have belief in things, but so many people are quick to jump on the paranormal.

If you are seeing these things with your eyes - no offence, but you should get them checked. Not saying you are not seeing them, but that could be a symptom of a medical problem.

Also - 'orbs' seen with the naked eye - are not orbs - they are usually called 'ghost lights' - but those are hard to prove.

Re: orbs, they do exsist, not only in pictures

Funny, ur theory is much the same as atheists demanding proof of GOD.

Re: orbs, they do exsist, not only in pictures

I see them too! Pixs of them! I uploaded them on WebShots if u want to see them. Look for me, Democratbrat. There is even a human-looking silhouette on it....I suspected it was Jesus, but now I'm not sure but growing fuller with questions all the time.