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A gathering and discussion area for the Hollywood Investigator's (and Weekly Universe's) hugely vast family of readers to gather and discuss the shocking articles in America's favorite family newspapers!!!

Forum: What Do YOU Think?
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same as you i've never taken pictures with orbs in them until after my mom passed away, just weeks before my daughters 2nd birthday, i took tons of pictures of the kids playing, then later that night i was looking at them on my camera and i was shocked, in almost every one of them there was an orb, in one picture i have 3-4, one little one, one medium one and a big one, is each orb a spirit its self? or can one spirit make many orbs? i know its my mom, she didnt want to die, she didnt want to leave us, her grandaughter was her world, she wanted to watch her grow up, they always played together, they were buddies

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