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What Do YOU Think?

A gathering and discussion area for the Hollywood Investigator's (and Weekly Universe's) hugely vast family of readers to gather and discuss the shocking articles in America's favorite family newspapers!!!

What Do YOU Think?
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I think your abit lost.

Lol your a stupit as ****, wake up reality is't the,
same for everyone, can you speak every language, do any skateboard trick, **** my girl friend,kno what Im thinking and the rest of the world, get a life dickless,Life just is, there is kno Matrix , expect in a computer generated world , which this is't, have you dislocated your ****in arm , almost died countless amounts of times, I think not. Explain why people get sick and die , do you thing it was the matrix that burn't all those people in Auz, what ever dude get real. Im so not fake, Im so real it ****in hurts. And no I don't beleave in god, The world is just chemical reactions, just the stupit thought that made you think that you were different from the rest of the world, The only thing that we all have in comin is that we are all human, and with being human comes feeling, which is just more chemicals in your brain that inturn make you feel happy or sad etc. If think that this would we live in is the Matrix you need to go work with people that are dieing , or even go to iraq, or some stupit war , and get your ****in head blown off. All Iv got to say is that, you can stick that **** in your p pipe and smoke it lol