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Scarlett Wakefield Series

Hi Lauren!
Just wanted to say that these books have changed me! Really. I love them! I'm so in love with Jase Barnes.I picture him so cute. My life is so boring as Scarlett's in the first book but your novels have made me dream and now I write everything that pops up in my head. I think is the only way I can "live" something that I've always wanted. Thank you so much! I can't wait for the fourth one to come out!

Re: Scarlett Wakefield Series

Hi Monica!

aww, thank you so much.I loved writing these books and my only consolation for the fact that the series is over is that I LOVE the ending of the fourth and last (Kiss Of Death). It actually made me tear up when I wrote it. I hope you love it as much as I do. It should be out by now so hopefully you've got hold of it and can let me know what you think.

And I've started a new series - set in Italy with British and American girls meeting lots of hot Italian boys. I am really loving writing these ones too - please follow me to the next series when you finish the Scarlett one!



ps: you have good taste, Jase really is adorable!

Re: Scarlett Wakefield Series

What is the new series your are writing that is set in Italy? Sounds pretty cool so for, and is there going to be another book after "Kiss of Death?" That book was amazing! pretty good twist to it as well.

Re: Scarlett Wakefield Series

Thank you!! Kiss of Death is definitely the last book in the Scarlett series and it was sad to see them all go, though VERY satisfying to tie up all the loose ends, solve the final mystery and give a lovely finale to Scarlett, Taylor, Jase, Plum and the others... (well, maybe not so lovely for Plum)!

The next book is about an English girl called Violet who goes to Italy for the summer to do a course but has a secret reason for wanting to go... and of course meets a gorgeous boy, but there are lots of family mysteries to be solved if they can be together. Lots of rivalries, gorgeous nights under the Italian stars, and Gothic castles. It's as dark and mysterious and romantic as the Scarlett series and I think the first one will be called KISSING IN ITALIAN but my editor needs to confirm that... will post soon with the definite title!