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While I realize the publisher for the Sam Jones novels has pretty much dropped the ball, I wanted to let people know that Barnes and Noble has an option to let the publisher know you'd like to see books in ebook format. (Don't know about other booksellers.) Go to the book's listing, and if there isn't already an ebook, there'll be a link to let the publisher know you'd like to have it available as a NOOKbook.

I'm hoping the TV series will happen, in part because maybe it'll generate enough interest to get these books reissued, in a variety of formats!

Re: Ebooks?

Kimberley, Amazon has actually bought the rights to Black Rubber Dress onwards for the Kindle. It happened last year so they should be available very soon, if not currently. Thank you SO much for your interest! I don't know if Dead White Female and Too Many Blondes (the first two, for non-Sam aficionados) will be available but I will check.

The TV series idea is rolling onwards but of course will change a great deal of the original (if not everything...)! And that's of course assuming it would ever get made, which is comparatively unlikely. But yes, it would definitely push towards a re-issue of the books too... would be lovely!


Re: Ebooks?

That's promising to hear. Hopefully at some point they'll also be available for non-Kindle owners. I usually have at least one or two of the Sam Jones mysteries with me when I travel, so it'd be nice to have them in digital format. (Will also cross my fingers that Too Many Blondes is released, since I really enjoy that one.)

Re: Ebooks?

awwww! the UK paperbacks are horribly ugly but at least are small for travelling... and apparently they should all be in digital form by June, according to Random House UK. If you run into problems finding them after that, do let me know and I;ll get my agent to chase 'em.

And again, thanks for being such a top fan. It's hugely flattering and makes me very happy!