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New Series

Hi! What is your new series going to be called and when is it coming out?

Re: New Series

Hi Tiffany and thanks for asking!

Well, it's very early days - I only just finished final edits on KISS OF DEATH (thank goodness!) and am recouping my energy before I start seriously outlining the first book in the Italian series in January. It's going to be set in Tuscany, near Florence and Siena, and take place over the course of a long summer. I thought the Scarlett Wakefield books would cover a much longer period than they did - actually, they run from summer one year till early spring of the next year, so setting this series over the course of a summer does make sense. There are going to be four or five girls, English and American, staying in a lovely villa over the summer, learning Italian and soaking up culture and history... and meeting a series of sexy, hot Italian boys! My main heroine, Violet, has a mystery to solve from the beginning. She's come across a portrait of an 18th-century girl who looks exactly like her - only the girl is an Italian aristocrat, and as far as Violet knows, neither side of her family have any connection to Italy. She finds her way to the Castello (castle) where the family lives... only to realise that she's very attracted to the son of the family, the dark and dangerous Luca... and he's equally attracted to her...

And I don't know the title yet. I was thinking SUN-KISSED but my publisher says that's not 'mystery'-sounding enough. So I'm working on other ideas....

Sound good?


Re: New Series


well i wroteto u inanother message, if u see this i was just wandering when the books come out and what the name is, i am seriously addicted to ur books they r amazing! and obviously u wrote this last message a while ago but i eley havent seen anybooks about it. so ya just wandering

Re: New Series

Hi Paytan,

The next and final Scarlett Wakefield comes out in hardcover and on Kindle on May 10th - it's called Kiss Of Death. It ties up all the mysteries and loose ends and love triangles of the previous books - hopefully it'll be worth the wait!

Thanks so much for being so nice about the books - I'm really glad you like them!