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scarlett wakefield

I would really want to know what inpired you to write the scarlett series....I can't wait to read the last book I really want to find out what happens to jase and scarlett... are they going to stay together???

Re: scarlett wakefield

Hi Ana,

What inspired me was the case, years ago, in Canada of a girl who kissed her boyfriend after eating peanuts- he dropped dead and they thought it was an allergy. It turned out not to be, but that gave me the seed of the idea for the mystery, and everything came from there. I also knew straight away that I wanted to set the books in an English boarding school, like the series I had read when I was growing up.

But I can't tell you whether Scarlett and Jase will end up together!! That would ruin it for you and everyone else - you need the suspense! All I can say is that it will definitely be resolved by the end of Kiss Of Death - and a lot of other things as well. I think it's a really satisfying ending. I loved writing it and I hope everyone loves reading it as much as I did when I was editing it. I even shed a tear...

Lauren x x x