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hi, i was just wondering if any certain guy inspired you for the character of Jase?

Re: Jase??

Hi Kirsten! Thanks for asking. And it's a really good question, because often I am inspired by real people or actors or fictional characters when I create my heroes. But Jase... no. He just came out of nowhere. All I had in my head was that Scarlett would meet and fancy this hot young gardener, and the next thing I knew I was writing Jase, fully-formed. I gave him 'golden' eyes and was embarrassed years later to read the first Twilight book and realise that Edward has golden eyes too, but the reason Jase has them is that his skin is golden-brown and I imagined his eyes almost matching his skin. I think it's also because Jase is such a good guy, and he's close to the earth, being a gardener - he makes things grow -so he sort of has the 'sun in his eyes'. Wow, I only realised that this moment, writing it down!

So nope, no guy inspired me. Jase is completely made up.