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kisses and lies

Loved it!

for anyone with Sam Jones withdrawl (would that be a sam jones jones?) I thoroughly recommend this series-don't be put off by the YA rating.

One of the things I've especially enjoyed is how atmospheric both books are. The second one at times reminded me of classic gothic fiction (The Shivering Sands, etc) while still being very snappily contemporary-no mean feat for a writer to pull off!

I'm looking forward to no.3. Lauren, thank you for a thorougly enjoyable read!

Re: kisses and lies

Oh my GOD. You just compared me to vintage Victoria Holt! I am not worthy!!! thank you SO much!

FYI, number three is delayed a bit. Sorry. We've had a huge flood in the house since October, builders and damp-proofers in non-stop, and my first go at it just wasn't cohesive enough. I'm starting again in May/June, when the **** BUILDERS FINALLY SOD OFF OUT OF THE HOUSE... in the meantime, my first bonkbuster, DIVAS, comes out in August, under the name of Rebecca Chance, and I've started the second one already and it's going well. Bonkbusters seem easier to write with the builders in for some reason.

and I think everyone here will love DIVAS. It's very tarty!

Re: kisses and lies

Since I am a poor college student (but I also hate borrowing books I LOVE to have my own copies) I bought Kisses and Lies the day it came out on paperback. I was looking for the release date on Kiss in the Dark to find out its paperback release date and I can't find it anywhere. Is is not coming out in paperback? (I hate having the first of the series in paperback and then switching to hardback partway through the series, and vice-versa).

Re: kisses and lies

Hey Kayla,

ugh, you might have to wait for a while. The hardback of Kiss In The Dark comes out April 13 in the US, and the paperback only comes out a year afterwards - that's April 2011. Sorry! This is fairly standard when they do hard- and paperbacks - the paperback comes out at the same time as the following hardback, ie, the Kiss In The Dark paperback will come out at the same time as the Scarlett no 4 hardback. Wish I had better news for you.

x x

ps: I'm more on Facebook (Lauren Milne Henderson) or MySpace (mslaurenhenderson) so come & find me there as well as on here...