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St. Patrick's Day

Drink suggestions? Favorite things to do suggestions? Favorite foods to eat suggestions?
Anybody starting seeds? Big plans for the garden?

Re: St. Patrick's Day

'fraid not. think tends to be a much more American event than anything else. as an Irish-descended/born-in-UK/raised in NZ girl we never really paid much attention to St Patrick, although I do remember my Mum insisting we wear something green, ribbon, cardigan, etc ...
boiled bacon and champ is perfectly tasty if well made, but I reckon you could just re-do the whiskey cake with a bottle of Jameson's and that would do it!

Re: Re: St. Patrick's Day

yes, I have no Irish connections at all, hence doing Burns Night (Scottish dad, Scots friends) rather than St Paddy's. Was a HUGE deal when I lived in the US, green river in Boston, green beer etc etc. Honestly? Make a white chocolate or vanilla cake, dye it green with food colouring, decorate with a piped-on rosary in different food-icing-piping colours. My best suggestion...

Re: St. Patrick's Day

I figured that Americans would make it absolutely ridiculous. Oh well. Actually I made these rocking cupcakes for my parents and sweetie on Valentine's Day (another ridiculous holiday) called Irish Car Bomb cupcakes...the cake is made with Guinness and dutch process chocolate and there is a dark chocolate ganache middle and the icing is a buttercream (I think, as I recall) with some Bailey's beat into it...they were **** good...and as good as the ganache was, it was the time consuming part, obv, I could actually live with out it...maybe I will make those and some colcannon. I'm not even Irish! Just looking for reasons to celebrate life...anyone's life these days. Stella, I have really been enjoying your blog. Lauren, I check out your myspace too. I love you both.