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Is there a sequel?

Hey, I just read Kiss Me, Kill Me, and i was just wondering, is there going to be a sequel to this book? I was wondering because the ending tells you she found out how dan died but it doesnt tell about Scarlett's revenge on Plum. Also, does Scarlett and Jase get together? Please reply at my website above in the blog.

just wondering...

not to rag on this poster, but
(a) isn't it really easy to use amazon and find out about sequels or, gasp, look further down this web page where there's talk on this very subject?

(b) do people ever actually bother to go to another web page to reply?

Re: just wondering...

b) maybe, but possibly not.

still, it's a good way to promote one's blog, non?

and yes Kaitlyn, Lauren has written about the sequels, as Zan says, on this message board. But am sure she'll tell you herself when she emerges from whatever fresh writer's hell she's in now. Mine's an editing circle of hell. Which explains why I'm here. And on my own blog. And facebook and myspace and pretty much anywhere but THE PAGE WITH THE RED PEN. hey ho. back to work ...

anyone made any good cakes lately?

Re: Re: just wondering...

hey Kaitlyn,

I'm really happy to respond here but am a bit busy at the mo so don't have time to check the blog out! in the Scarlett series there's KISS ME KILL ME, KISSES AND LIES, and I'm writing KISS IN THE DARK at the mo which will be out sometime next year! thanks so much for asking, I do love writing these books and becoming a 16-year-old again in them!

all the best and keep posting...


ps: Zan, you are very sweet. Stella, I made that whiskey cake and a Red Velvet Cake, both EXCELLENT.