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Oh L'amour, baby.

I was supposed to meet up with a male friend of mine, but he cried off with manflu, so I did what any self-respecting woman would do - went shopping. Now, I was served in TK-Maxx the other day by a cute mid-late twentysomething male. He looks a bit like Joseph Fiennes. Our eyes met over a Comic Relief, Morecambe and Wise t-shirt. He made me laugh and was wearing the Beatles design of same Comic Relief nature. I left the till wrapped in a cotton-wool cloud of loveliness, big smile on face, probably blushing thinking 'OMG was he flirting with me?'. When I got home, I checked my receipt see if his name was printed upon it. It wasn't. All I have is his personal till number. Ahhhhhhh! As it happens, the t-shirt is too small and I need to go and exchange it. My bosoms are too fabulous for the constraints of the material... Easy for me to seek him out again, but what to say??? What to do next???

Re: Oh L'amour, baby.

go back. give him opportunity to realise fabulous bosoms too much for fabric. ask for 'help' ... x

Re: Re: Oh L'amour, baby.

He wasn't there today, but his colleague told me his name... One step at a time.

Re: Re: Re: Oh L'amour, baby.

any further developments? I did think Stella's plan was bang-on...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Oh L'amour, baby.

Last week I wimped out talking to him, but when I exchanged my t-shirt, the week before, I got his name from a colleague - so we have made mini progress.

Last week though he was surrounded by people at the tills and then he walked straight past me but when he got to the changing rooms, he was with another colleague. I was wandering around the shop feigning interest in things like 8ft tall dresses, and feeling like a shoplifter and any moment soon I was going to be bundled into a stock room and questioned.

I don't want to ask him out because I feel it would mess with the natural order of things, after all Darcy asked Lizzy, and Bingley (eventually) asked Jane. I asked my last boyfriend out and it ended up a total mess. Spineless, unromantic, and penny-pinching man.

Any advice gratefully received within the next 12 hours because I'm going back to the town where he works.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Oh L'amour, baby.

bundled into the stock room sounds like fun to me.

now, I know Lauren's probably going to say DON'T ask him out, and I know you straight girls all believe that men need to be game-played into submission,but you know, a bit of honesty never goes amiss either ... ask him if he has a break during the day and does he want to have a coffee. it's not a date, it's a chance for you to flirt more and him to then ask YOU out! (I say this as someone who has never even asked someone for a coffee, and have no courage in that department at all, but why should men always have to do the hard bit?)
good luck!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Oh L'amour, baby.

Didn't go near the shop today.

But have been short-listed for a job in the town, so huzzah won't be long-distance when I get my courage back (cos I've been there and done that and threw away the t-shirt with the last boy.)Feel like lion on Wizard of Oz.

Of course this all depends on him not having a girlfriend and being of the girly persuasion.

Anyway, I've come to my reality earth-shackling senses and I've decided love and stalking nice looking young men must go on a back burner as I have a novel to finish. Locking lips with a stranger isn't going to get me published is it? I wallowed in Waterstones this afternoon as a result of this love stuff and bought The Writers and Artists Yrbk and also 'The Stars Tennis Balls' by the Fantastic and Cuddly Mr. Stephen Fry.

Better dash have choir practice now.