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Suitable London Des Res Required.

Character in next novel is a multi-million A-List Actor with equally A-List wife. I know Chelsea, Kensington and Primrose Hill are all where the real A-Listers live, but anymore areas of London I might consider?


Re: Suitable London Des Res Required.

if it's an lovely modern apartment kind of place for someone bit more groovy than Primrose Hill (I think the prim says it all there, despite the wealthy types. or perhaps because of them) you could go for Penthouse appt in Clerkenwell - ideally with view of St Paul's (google hotel/bar Zetter), or my own personal favourite, one of the appt buildings on south bank by Tate Modern. quick walk to borough market for all the best food, trip over one of 3 bridges into West End, miles from 4x4, SUV, yummy mummy types.
totally where I'd be if we had the dosh. river view, light all day long,access to all the bets London has to offer in no time at all, gorgeous.

(there are also some hidden-away penthouses in Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, and parts of Soho that would cut it, as long as they were on a side street.)

Re: Re: Suitable London Des Res Required.

I'd go for Notting Hill. It's very rich-actor-y. They could have a huge house with a swimming pool in the basement. Or they could have a penthouse in Knightsbridge, but that's more Arab/Russian banker, maybe...

Re: Re: Re: Suitable London Des Res Required.

If they're very well established (as in megastar status) I wouldn't rule out the posher bits of Richmond either, like Richmond Hill or the Green... probs not until they're 30ish though. Ali x

Re: Re: Re: Re: Suitable London Des Res Required.

Thanks Girlies! Some top and most fabulous suggestions. I have scribed them into my beautiful new fuscia pink notebook that I'm carrying around with me everywhere now. I shall have to dig about on property websites too... although, I fear the kind of property I'm going to be wanting pictures and prices for won't be on the internet. You know like boutiques with merchandise in the windows and no price tags...Maybe when I pin point an area, I'll have a recce trip up to London for important research purposes, natch!

Anyway, I'm desperate to finish my current opus and send it out into the closed, scientifically selected wider world... to give it a once over for me. Whilst all that's going on I can get planning and researching the new novel. Yay! I can feel the excitement setting in with the thought of all that new stationary that'll just have to be purchased.

Sadly it's back to the real world tomorrow. Grrr... So I best be off to bed.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Suitable London Des Res Required.

The properties are on the internet. Price tags too. Wow! Small house on Portobello Road... made my eyes water. HAd to go straight to You Tube and watch David Tomlinson sing the infamous song about it.

It's tough trying to house fictional people. Sooooooo demanding!

Still on the way to work this morning, I didn't waste my bus journey and I crossed some of the areas off the list and whittled it down to 4 possible locations. And if you're forced to watch 'Phil 'n' Kirsty' like I am, you'll know location is everything!

The search continues...