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Hi All,

Just looking for some suggesitions for other Tart Noir authours to read. I've read all of Lauren's and Stella's books and most (if not all) of Val M's more tarty ones--and am finding myself longing for more.

Please help.

Shaari xx

Re: Recommendations?

Ooh, I love this question! get your hands on Tart Noir, the anthology, and use that as a sampler of writers whose books you might like. I'd give a rough list of:

Vicki Hendricks
Peter O'Donnell
Alison Gaylin
Katy Munger
Sparkle Hayter
Jenny Siler

I've recently found PJ Tracy too, a mother-daughter team, who write great thrillers.

Gah, am sure I've forgotten lots of people so please everyone chip in and help me here...

Also, Shaari, have you tried my and Stella's non-crime books? many of those are very Tarty indeed...

Happy reading!

Re: Re: Recommendations?

Hi Lauren!

I do have the anthology-I check out writes from there before--not sure why doing that escaped this time. I just went through 'girls night in' and although I did enjoy the reads--some of it was a bit to 'chick-lit'-y for (if that makes sense).

Thanks for reminding me to look through the Tart Noir book again-and for the PJ Tracy suggestion as well. Really cool that it's a mom and daughter writing together.

I wanted to say before, but forgot that yours, Stella's and another author (James Morrow) are the only books I always schlep with me through out my many moves (I move states and/or countries about every two years or less).

so thanks thanks and thanks again!


Re: Re: Re: Recommendations?

ah Shari, how nice of you to keep shlepping us!
I also really like Morag Joss - not so tarty perhaps, but brilliant on suspense and interior danger. and a really good writer too.
and check out our friend Serena Mackesy's latest couple as well.
Stella x

Re: Re: Re: Re: Recommendations?

I must try Morag Joss, then, Stell - never actually heard of her till now.

Shaari, it means more than I can say that you keep schlepping our books around! I have moved countries and continents and I know **** well what it means to love a book so much that you keep paying a lot of money to move its heavy weight from place to place, so I am hugely touched and flattered by you telling us that!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Recommendations?

Half Broken Things - Silver Dagger 2003? 2004?
was made into a pretty good telly recently, but - as always - much more intricate, dense, juicier book.

Vodka Neat

I can't remember the author's name, but that's the title and it's good noir fiction with a very tarty Brit journalist protagonist.