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"Kushiel's Scion"

So I finally picked this up at the airport and was v excited to have something juicy to read on a LA-NYC flight... and blimey, where was the plot?? I'm sure in her head that Imri's journey to self-knowledge was enough of a story to carry the book, but it jolly well wasn't on the page (for me at least). too many characters, too many recaps, not enough story. Sigh.

Will still be buying the next one for NYC-Heathrow next week, though! Hopefully now she's done practically a WHOLE BOOK OF RECAPS she'll be ready for a kick-ass story next time. Right?

Re: "Kushiel's Scion"

Wurl, kind of ... be interested to see what you think of it. The next one's probably the best of that three imnvho - the third has a plot but it drags a bit (and I've met the plot elsewhere, wh may be synchronicity of ideas but is a bit depressing). She seems to have run out of energy a bit, seems to me. Still good though - hope you enjoy it. Ali x

Re: Re: "Kushiel's Scion"

yes, I did feel after the Phedre trilogy that she was a bit shafted as she'd been everywhere, done everything - how do you top talking to God, etc etc? and this is certainly showing that problem. Nothing is remotely as important and challenging as the plots in the Phedre books - esp when Melisande escapes at the beginning in this one and they don't go to find her! I mean, that was the plot right there and she passed it up!

I'll keep going, of course... hmmn.....

Re: Re: Re: "Kushiel's Scion"

Just finished "Justice". Ho hum...

Re: Re: Re: Re: "Kushiel's Scion"

Yep. A bit depressing, given the quality of the earlier series... Ali x

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: "Kushiel's Scion"

I know... Melisandre escapes in Book 1 and the point they decided not to go after her I realised that we were in big trouble! now, finally, in Book 3 we may have CONFLICT and a proper STORY. Fingers crossed! Ah well, books 1 & 2 got me through some long flights. but Book 3's going to be from the library not the bookshop.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: "Kushiel's Scion"

Don't blame you. I bought the lot wh was dumb but think they may end up in the box of books to go to Oxfam... the final book' more exciting, but bits of the plot's naggingly familiar. Ali x