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Kiss Me, Kill Me

Hi Lauren,

Kris here. We met at Bouchercon in Baltimore. I am the guy of a certain persuasion that you invited for drinks in the bar. Sorry, but as soon as I sat down that night, I pretty much passed out. Who knew a convention could be so exhausting.

In any case, I had read the book and I LOVED it. It was just what you said it would be. An age-appropriate young adult mystery. How you could leave us hanging there are the end, I am not so sure. But I promise not to hold it against you. ;-)

I love Scarlett and Jase (of course) and look forward to more adventures and some ANSWERS.

Wish I could have spent more time with you, as I really enjoyed our chat. I met some many people that weekend, but you will always stand out in my mind. Well, you and John Connolly, but that's another story.

Anyway, maybe we will run into each other again sometime. Don't think I will make it to Boucheron in 2009, but will definately be on for 2010. Will also be at Malice Domestic in 2009. Are you planning a book tour for the second volume? If so, you can't skip Baltimore. We love ya!

Talk to you soon.
Kris (who would give you my e-mail, but I hate posting that for the public. Too many crazies out there.)

PS. Hope you got caught up on Project Runway!!!

Re: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Kris! Sweetie! I was v disappointed not to see you in the bar - I looked for you repeatedly - so I'm really glad you got in touch! I'm sorry the ending of KISS ME KILL ME is such a cliffhanger - but I promise KISSES AND LIES, which is the sequel, and drops in Jan, will definitely answer all the questions from KISS ME KILL ME and I won't be doing that kind of cliffhanger ending ever again. EVER. Definitely learned my lesson.

what happened with John Connolly?? dying to know, you can always email me at the above address... I love me some gossip!

I'm doing B'con 2009, definitely - my publishers are very sweetly sending me and the B'con organisers are planning a whole YA theme with a lot of kids coming in from neighbouring schools, etc, so maybe you should change your mind and come along! be lovely to see you! and yes, I do hope to do 2010 too, and maybe I'll bring the hubby to that one. (he's very metrosexual, you'll like him too.)

and my most exciting news is that I did a reading in NYC on the 15th and was then swept off by a fruit fli fan to Urge, a gay bar in the East Village where... drum roll... I drank lots of margaritas and watched the PR finale on a huge screen surrounded by gay men, which was pretty much a dream come true for me! And Leanne won!! God, did you watch the last episode of After The Sew on the Bravo website? that ***** Kenley managed to make it all about her. She's definitely got a talent for that...

anyway, lovely to hear from you and think about doing B'con 2009, we definitely need more guys of a certain persuasion there! WAY too many heterosexual men in the B'con bar late at night. Sigh.

big kisses

(and feel free to email me!)