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Dr. MacGregor's westie online help
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Re: X Pen

I personally don't believe in exercise pens for Westies. We need lots of exercise but also need lots of human contact. A Westie left alone will probably be sad and not play by himself. If you want to keep your Westie safe as you leave the house I suggest a crate. Crates are useful to keep

your Westie from getting into trouble and also will help you to house break. This, assuming that you just want to leave him home alone for a couple of hours a day. More than that, I don't think you should get a Westie and should choose a less needing breed in terms of exercise. Westies are not lap dogs, we are hunters with tons of social needs: the only good solution is an active owner that is there all the time.

Hope this helps.

Dr. MacGregor

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Replying to:

I am going to bring home my first Westie in 1 month. I am really excited and I want the best for him.

My question is about an exercise pen. He isn't going to be too long alone but I want to make sure he is safe when we aren't around. Can you please recommend a good exercise pen and if I need to buy a roof also. I am thinking about a 8 panels 24 wide X 36 high (with a door). Is the 4X4 feet area too small?

Thanks a lot.

I really enjoy your webpage.