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Dr. MacGregor's westie online help
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My westie (1 year old) bites every thing

When ever i am not around my westie bites every darn thing in his sight. I was wondering if you know how to correct this. We have tried scolding him, bitter apple spray, and sending him outside when he does it. He has chewed on carpets, napkins, tables, newspapers, electronics, ect. Any help would be appreciated.


Rohan Udeshi (NJ, USA)

Re: My westie (1 year old) bites every thing

Your Westie is deeply bored! That is the problem.

Westies are terriers and as all terriers, very intelligent and in need of constant stimulation. A Westie is not a breed that faces that well being left alone in the house for many hours.

If you must actually leave him alone in the house ( specially considering that he is young and can still be easily taught) I recommend that you use a crate for the sake of your furniture. Crates sound a bit cruel but they are understood to be like a private little corner that the Westie will mark as his and feel safe in. Be careful never to use the crate as a punishment place after you introduce it but always as “his little corner”.

Also a constant flow of new and stimulating toys is needed. I know it is expensive but furniture is more expensive! Westies like stuffed toys and balls, preferably with a squeak.

In the end the better advice I can give you is, let him be with you the most of the time. You’ll both be happier.