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Dr. MacGregor's westie online help

Master with behavior problems? Too bossy? Thinks he owns the house? Not enough treats? Ask Dr. MacGregor and master your master's will !

Dr. MacGregor's westie online help
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Re: Owner

My dear Cameron,

I think I do not have to remind you about the westie tecniques of twist, roll, escape and fast running from embarassing and unwanted situations. But since you do not refer that, I will just assume that you are commenting on the FEW times they actually manage to get you on their lap.

For this unplesant moments I advice rolling and exposing your tummy up, followed by a soft and master melter licking of hand, then their smile will come up and you know it is the moment to aplly the westie twist, roll and run while they are paralised by that dumb "he is such a sweet doggie" kind of smile.

Hope this helps. Remember the power to master him is in your paws!

Woofly yours,

Ph. Dr. MacGregor

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Replying to Original Article:

Hello Dr. MacGregor!

My problem is my owner! He just doesn't understand me! He thinks I'm a lap dog! A poodle, if you will. I hate it, my growling doesn't seem to get the point across. What should I do? Bite him? That'll mean no treats for a week... can't do that, but if I spend anymore time on his lap I'll go mad! Please help me...