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Master with behavior problems? Too bossy? Thinks he owns the house? Not enough treats? Ask Dr. MacGregor and master your master's will !

Dr. MacGregor's westie online help
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Re: Re: Re: My hair

Dear Cosmo,

Thank you very much for your kind words about me and my site.

Now for your questions:

- Mom would take me to a groomer if she could find a decent one in Portugal that has a notion that a Westie is not a white poodle with straight hair. Unfortunatelly such person is not to be found in all Portugal, yet.

- No, she doesn't have an easy time; I have been putting up a fight since day one. Nowadays I endure it and pretend I like until a certain point at which I flip up and run away. The rest of the grooming follows the next day and the one after until I'm completelly groomed. It's a going on process you see...

- Stripping my coat? Haha and you suppose I would let that happen with no complain, or growl, or barking do you? NO! The cutting is bad enough.

- Yes, I heard about stripped coats and how amazing they are, I see no diference, I don't care leave my hair alone.

Dr. MacGregor