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Dr. MacGregor's westie online help

Master with behavior problems? Too bossy? Thinks he owns the house? Not enough treats? Ask Dr. MacGregor and master your master's will !

Dr. MacGregor's westie online help
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Re: Re: My westie bites !

I'm very sorry to hear that your dog has such a bad temper!
I have my Westy for almost a year now and she never has biten or even tried to. The worst thing she does is sometimes barking but as soon as I say "Hoy" wich is her word to stop. She stops (sometimes )imediatly!

They are, as I read somewhere, a small dog with a Great Dane inside! You must show him who's the boss.

The best punishment is not looking at him. pretend you don't care about him. For my Westie, that works very good.

I have a pet shop in Portugal and my Westie goes there everyday with me. She's the Welcoming party of the shop asking for petting and licking everybody. I have people that goes there everyday just to say "hello" to Wendy!

When I started to hear stories about bad tempered Westie, I was very surprised!

Hope you can figure out how to stop his bitting habit. He seems a very nervous dog.

All the best!

Jose and Wendy!!!

Re: Re: Re: My westie bites !

Mainly the problem is that Lori's dog is still a puppy and has too much energy. Also males are ususally a bit more bossy than female Westies.

I don't think that we are talking about a "bad dog", he just gets too excited and kind of looses it. While he is young it's important to get him off this habit and control too exciting situations, so that he doesn't get scared or too wind up and also that this behaviour doesn;t become usual.

All the best,
Dr. MacGregor